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java2wsdl [-?|-help|-h][-ooutput-file][-cpclasspath][-soap12][-ttarget-namespace][-servicenameservice-name][-v][-verbose|-quiet] { classname }


java2wsdl uses a Web service endpoint's implementation (SEI) class and associated types classes to generate a WSDL file.


The arguments used to manage the WSDL file generation are reviewed in the following table.

Option Interpretation
-? Displays the online help for this utility.
-ooutput-file Specifies the name of the generated WSDL file.
-cpclass-path Specify the SEI and types class search path of directories and zip/jar files.
-soap12 Specifies that the generated WSDL is to include a SOAP 1.2 binding.
-ttarget-namespace Specifies the target namespace to use in the generated WSDL file.
-servicenameservice-name Specifies the value of the generated service element's name attribute.
-v Displays the version number for the tool.
-verbose Displays comments during the code generation process.
-quiet Suppresses comments during the code generation process.
classname Specifies the name of the SEI class.

You must include the classname argument. All other arguments are optional and may be listed in any order. This tool will search and load the service endpoint class and types classes. Make certain these classes are on the CLASSPATH or in a location identified through the -cp flag.