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Completed Functionality and CXF analogues

XFire Feature CXF Analogue
Aegis Binding Mostly Ported. Exceptions are still not supported
Configurable Servlet See the Servlet Transport page.
Eclipse Plugin
Not ported yet
HTTP Transport Ported.
JMS Transport Ported.
JAX-WS/JSR-181 Annotation Support In progress. Work is ongoing to ensure we pass the TCKs.
JAXB Ported.
services.xml Spring 2 XML will be supported for easy configuration. See the Configuration section.
Spring: XFireClientFactoryBean See the ClientProxyFactoryBean and JaxWsProxyFactoryBean.
Spring: XFireExporter Not ported.
Spring: ServiceBean Completed. See ServerFactoryBean and JaxWsServerFactoryBean.
We're now using the WS-Addressing support from Celtix which is much more advanced.
WS-Security Ported. See the WS-Security page.
XMLBeans Not ported. Will be supported in CXF 2.1

Should I Migrate Yet?

For most XFire users, the answer is NO right now. With M1 we've focused on the core functionality and architecture. M2 will contain most of the features XFire users have come to rely on such as Aegis or our helper Spring beans.